Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's been a while again since I've written but here I am! Life has been incredibly busy and I've reduced my online time since school began. I can't believe I only have 18 months of homeschooling left. It's been such a huge part of my life these last 17 years that it's almost difficult to imagine my life without it! The result is that I've really been pouring myself into it and try to make the best of these least few precious months with my boys.

Michael will graduate in May and is planning on going to culinary school. Even that will be a big change next year with just John to teach. I will probably be finding myself free from afternoon school most days at that point. We still don't know what the dear Lord has planned for our John after next year but I am leaving it in His hands and know that He will some how lead us there. I know that John won't be able to handle college but perhaps a job in his future. Mark and I have come to the realization that we will probably have John living with us for a long time.

Our darlin' daughter turned 24 yesterday and that is still so hard to believe. I know she's a bit frustrated with her life right now but I keep praying that the dear Lord will lead her heart where He wants her to go. I can only watch, pray, and be here if she needs me.

We are also in the middle of doing a bit of redecorating. Our house is now 20 years old and we haven't changed much in that time. So last week Mark painted the half bath and I bought all new accessories to update its look. The carpet in the living room and dining room is well worn from twenty years of raising a family and it's going to be replaced the Monday after Thanksgiving. We are having Thanksgiving dinner at our house for our family members who can make it...this year it will probably be only 16....but I'm so excited about having it! For some crazy reason, I love hosting Thanksgiving some years. I find it so much easier than Christmas for some reason.

The carpet guys wanted to come the day before Thanksgiving to install it but I vetoed that...too much craziness when I have so much to do that day already. Today Mark and Michael are painting Michael's bedroom which has been in disarray since Beth moved out a year ago. Then the second week in December, new carpet will be arriving for the boys' bedrooms and the upstairs hall. I am also planning on remodeling our kitchen next summer which should be a lot of fun too. = )

I pray that our dear Lord will bless your Thanksgiving Day with His joy and peace.....heart