Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Feast of St. Mark

There must be something about me and April 25th. I was looking back at my old postings (I also have a Xanga blog that I started over 4 years ago) and four years ago today, I had bronchitis. Three years ago, I wasn't sick, but I was worried sick about my darlin' daughter who was having "Steve" woes, and wasn't eating. Two years ago, I had a bad migraine headache. One year ago, I had a sinus infection and found out that I have high blood pressure.
Last night, I was awakened abruptly when I turned over in my sleep and had a horrible pain in my back. I must have pulled a muscle somehow and wow....did it hurt! The pain was so bad that I was literally panting to breathe and since it was in my upper back, it hurt even more with every breath. I couldn't get comfortable, so I got up and tried walking around. It was one of those places on my back that I can't reach well, so trying to rub it was pretty well impossible. I woke up my poor husband with my moving around.
I tried laying down again but that was useless, so I sat in my chair in our bedroom. I took some Advil and waited a while, sat in my chair, and prayed, and started offering up the pain for parents, my dear husband, me darlin' children, the dear son of my heart, our friends, my godchildren...and somehow, being able to offer it up for all those people I love best brought me some joy. I found myself thanking our Lord for letting me share in His suffering a little. I tried to imagine how He must have suffered so much more than I was....and it brought me peace.
After about an hour, I was able to lay down (very carefully!) and sleep a little but then I had to get up early to take Michael, and his friend, Phil, who stayed overnight to Mass.
I think after this, I will take some more Advil and see if I can take a little nap.....

A blessed, peaceful weekend to all....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I didn't have the most productive day, but that happens sometimes. We were up to go to early Mass; then we drove to the seminary here for a library tour with Michael's religion class from co-op. We didn't get home until almost 3 o'clock, which put all of my normal Thursday duties behind. However, we did manage to get some of the basic school subjects covered and I did make it to Adoration favorite part of the week....His blessed presence and peace.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Friday

It was an absolutely beautiful April day here. We grilled out steaks for dinner and afterwards, Mark wanted to work in the yard for a while before we went to Adoration, so we arrived a bit later than we usually do.
The church where we go on Friday nights has a small chapel that they use for Adoration. When Mark and I walked in tonight, I immediately felt uncomfortable. One of our friends was there and another older woman in her 60's. Across the room, sitting on the side, was a man. He was the cause of my discomfort. He sat sideways, not facing the altar, and was looking at us with a strange smile on his face. He was drinking from a bottle of soft drink and had no book in hand; he wasn't even looking at our Lord. He was just looking at all of us. I felt those waves of evil that I have felt in other places, at other times.
We knelt down and I could feel his eyes on us. I struggled to pray....
About five minutes later, our friend, Lynn, got up to leave and came over to me. She whispered to me, asking me if I knew the man. I told her no, and she said that he had been there when she had arrived over an hour ago. She had planned on leaving earlier, but he had unnerved her so, that she didn't want to leave the older woman there alone with him. I told her that he was making me very uncomfortable also...
I whispered to Mark what she had said to me and the whole time, I could feel him watching us. I started praying to our dear Lord to send His angels to watch over us, guard us. I actually found myself wondering if he would whip out a gun and shoot us or something. Sounds crazy, I know, but with so much of that stuff going on lately, it didn't seem impossible. My thoughts immediately went to my dear children and wondering how such a tragedy would affect them. I kept praying for protection. I didn't think we should leave....I didn't want to leave the other woman alone with him, and I knew that if the woman left too, he would be alone with the Eucharist, and I was afraid he might have plans of desecration.

Later, Mark told me that he started praying that if the man wasn't supposed to be there, that he would leave. About five minutes later, he stood up, and without genuflecting or even looking in the Lord's direction, he left. I was so relieved. The other woman turned around and looked at me with a huge look of relief on her face too.
I must admit, every time the door opened after that, I held my breath wondering if it would be him coming back again, but thankfully, he didn't.
It always amazes me how I've become more sensitive to those waves of evil. I have felt them when we have prayed in front of abortion clinics and in certain parts of the city that we live in. I have felt them when we have been other places on vacation. I remember once several years ago, we drove through what appeared to be a quiet little town. The waves of evil struck me as we drove down the street. I said something to Mark and he had felt it too. A bit unnerving....

Thank you, Lord, for your loving presence; your comforting protection.

A blessed Easter Saturday to all.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen!!! Alleluia!!!

A happy, blessed Easter to all!!!!

The Easter Vigil Mass last night was always brings tears to my eyes. The moments I love best are when the Easter Proclamation is sung with the church all dark except for the candlelight; the Gloria when the church bells ring; the baptisms, confirmations, First Communions; watching the priest put the reserved Eucharist back into the tabernacle so that it is no longer empty; going to Communion myself.
Two little brothers were brought into the Church last night. One was an adorable little 3 year old and the other was his 8 year brother who was also celebrating his birthday. So that little guy will always be able to remember that he was baptized, confirmed, and made his First Communion on his birthday....isn't that awesome??!!
It's a beautiful morning here....hopefully it is at your house too....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Monday

It was a cold rainy day here....more like February than April. We even had snow flurries for a while.
I didn't have the best day, I must confess. John had a rough school day....he struggled with everything and I had to spend a lot of time with him and we still didn't get finished. I had to do the ironing for my mom and run some errands, go to my parents, pick up Michael from co-op, and try to listen to the Reds' game when possible. Unfortunately, they lost, 2-1.
I rushed around to get to my hair appointment at 5, only to find out that they had forgotten to call me to cancel. My hairstylist was sick, which means that my hair won't be able to be done before Easter.
I had been looking forward to those 90 minutes of sitting there and relaxing. Instead, I went back home and did some more school with John and made dinner, then went off to a planning meeting for the food for the wedding of Will's sister in a few weeks. That lasted until after 9. I'm in charge of the fruit, grapes and strawberries....doesn't sound too bad.
So now a tired me is off to bed. My day didn't go like I planned; my heart was heavy all day; but I offered it all up to Him. Perhaps it wasn't such a bad day after all...
A blessed, peaceful night to all.....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Another week has gone by...I can't believe it's Palm Sunday already. Lent has flown by so quickly.
I love Palm Sunday Mass, though I must admit I cried during the Gospel. It's always difficult for me to imagine the pain and suffering our dear Lord endured because I know it's much greater than anything I could possibly imagine, but I have little difficulty in relating to how Peter felt when he denied Him. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read that Peter went out and wept.
I always find myself wondering what thoughts and feelings were running through our dear Blessed Mother's mind...the heartache she endured. This last week, I've been having a little heartache myself and I keep reminding myself that I am enduring only a little of what her heart must have endured. Sometimes, having to hold love in is a heartache in itself. I keep offering it up for the person who is causing it and for my dear children.

We had a busy weekend. Friday night I helped serve at the rehearsal dinner for the daughter of friends of ours. It was a very busy 4 hours of being on my feet (I never sat down once the whole time) and washing lots of dishes! By the time it was our turn to eat, I had scraped so much leftovers off the plates, that the food didn't look too appetizing to me!
Saturday morning we were up early to go to a conference. The guest speakers were Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Dr. Scott Hahn. They were awesome! Dr.Hahn was especially interesting. We arrived home just in time to clean up to go to the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a lovely reception, but I was really tired before midnight had even arrived.
The week ahead brings taxes, schoolwork, errands, and Holy Week. We finally received the last paper we needed to do our taxes and I'm dreading them, but I know I must do them this week. It's also my mother's 85th birthday on Good Friday and I'm trying to figure out what we can do to celebrate a little without breaking our fast or the seriousness of the day.
I don't know when I'll have a chance to get on here again this week, but I do want to wish all of you a blessed Holy Week....a time when you can hopefully grow closer to our Blessed Saviour.
His peace to you all.....