Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Feast of St. Mark

There must be something about me and April 25th. I was looking back at my old postings (I also have a Xanga blog that I started over 4 years ago) and four years ago today, I had bronchitis. Three years ago, I wasn't sick, but I was worried sick about my darlin' daughter who was having "Steve" woes, and wasn't eating. Two years ago, I had a bad migraine headache. One year ago, I had a sinus infection and found out that I have high blood pressure.
Last night, I was awakened abruptly when I turned over in my sleep and had a horrible pain in my back. I must have pulled a muscle somehow and wow....did it hurt! The pain was so bad that I was literally panting to breathe and since it was in my upper back, it hurt even more with every breath. I couldn't get comfortable, so I got up and tried walking around. It was one of those places on my back that I can't reach well, so trying to rub it was pretty well impossible. I woke up my poor husband with my moving around.
I tried laying down again but that was useless, so I sat in my chair in our bedroom. I took some Advil and waited a while, sat in my chair, and prayed, and started offering up the pain for parents, my dear husband, me darlin' children, the dear son of my heart, our friends, my godchildren...and somehow, being able to offer it up for all those people I love best brought me some joy. I found myself thanking our Lord for letting me share in His suffering a little. I tried to imagine how He must have suffered so much more than I was....and it brought me peace.
After about an hour, I was able to lay down (very carefully!) and sleep a little but then I had to get up early to take Michael, and his friend, Phil, who stayed overnight to Mass.
I think after this, I will take some more Advil and see if I can take a little nap.....

A blessed, peaceful weekend to all....

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Cathy said...

What a wonderful way to deal with being in pain! Hope your back is better now.