Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Another week has gone by...I can't believe it's Palm Sunday already. Lent has flown by so quickly.
I love Palm Sunday Mass, though I must admit I cried during the Gospel. It's always difficult for me to imagine the pain and suffering our dear Lord endured because I know it's much greater than anything I could possibly imagine, but I have little difficulty in relating to how Peter felt when he denied Him. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read that Peter went out and wept.
I always find myself wondering what thoughts and feelings were running through our dear Blessed Mother's mind...the heartache she endured. This last week, I've been having a little heartache myself and I keep reminding myself that I am enduring only a little of what her heart must have endured. Sometimes, having to hold love in is a heartache in itself. I keep offering it up for the person who is causing it and for my dear children.

We had a busy weekend. Friday night I helped serve at the rehearsal dinner for the daughter of friends of ours. It was a very busy 4 hours of being on my feet (I never sat down once the whole time) and washing lots of dishes! By the time it was our turn to eat, I had scraped so much leftovers off the plates, that the food didn't look too appetizing to me!
Saturday morning we were up early to go to a conference. The guest speakers were Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Dr. Scott Hahn. They were awesome! Dr.Hahn was especially interesting. We arrived home just in time to clean up to go to the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a lovely reception, but I was really tired before midnight had even arrived.
The week ahead brings taxes, schoolwork, errands, and Holy Week. We finally received the last paper we needed to do our taxes and I'm dreading them, but I know I must do them this week. It's also my mother's 85th birthday on Good Friday and I'm trying to figure out what we can do to celebrate a little without breaking our fast or the seriousness of the day.
I don't know when I'll have a chance to get on here again this week, but I do want to wish all of you a blessed Holy Week....a time when you can hopefully grow closer to our Blessed Saviour.
His peace to you all.....

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