Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Michael's Graduation Day!!

Today is Michael's high school graduation day! It's a beautiful day and I'm happy and thankful that I'm feeling well and can enjoy it.

Where did the years go? Michael has grown up so quickly. I can't believe that it will just be John and me at the kitchen table doing school next year and then he too will be graduating. I am so grateful to our dear Lord for these years He has given me with my babies....what a blessing they have been to my life!

Tomorrow I go back to the oncologist and find out my test results but today is Michael's day....13 years of his work and mine together coming to an end.

I'm a proud mama indeed.

A blessed day to you all....heart


rmjkoltuniuk said...

Congratulations to Michael!!! You should send him out to Colorado for a gift. O.K., the gift would actually be ours =). We miss you all!

smeeko said...

Congratulations and prayers for your continue struggle.
The Contolinis