Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Being new to blogspot, I can't figure out how to add a blogroll to my site. I know, I know. Some of you are probably snickering right now. I'll admit I'm computer-challenged, but hey! I'm 50 years old and nobody had a PC when I was in high school or college (so no computer classes) and my darlin' husband has bad computer karma so I only let him near my laptop when absolutely necessary. I've gone through blogger's help section but can't find it there.
So if there's a kind soul out there who would explain to me how to add a blogroll to my site, I would greatly appreciate it.
Hope everyone is having a blessed day.....


jordin said...

hey, dont be too hard on yourself!! I just turned 30 and am completely comupter incapable! So, i married a computer engineer. :)

I wish i could help, but i havent figured it out yet either!

a thorn in the pew said...

Ok heres the deal(I am a confessed nerd):
Go to your Blogger homepage after you log in.

Click on Layout.

Click on "Add Page Element".

Click on "Link List".

In the Title section put "Blogroll"

Under New Site URL put the site "link"

under New Site Name put the title of the blog you want to add.

Thats it. Comment on my blog if you have any more probs. Or email me at

Barb said...

Yeah!!! It worked...thank you...
The only thing I had to figure out was how to move the blogroll up to the side instead of down at the bottom, but I did it!

Jen said...

Yippie!!! I am so glad you began a blog here! I don't get over to Xanga hardly at all anymore and I've missed you! (I know I know I could have popped over to your site now and then but....I didn't!) I'm glad you figured out the blogroll. Hope everything is going well and I look forward to "reconnecting" again with you!

Beth said...

Thanks for adding me!

Esther said...

Aloha Barb;
I've been meaning to comment since I first found your blog on Ma Beck's blog. Nice to find another blog by a Catholic mom of a child who "grew in the heart and not in the womb." (I read that in Chicken Soup for the Soul :-)