Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Just Not the Same....

I have noticed some major differences between being the mother of teenage girls and the mother of teenage boys.....

Every year our homeschooling group has a homeschool prom. It is usually pretty awesome.
They include all high school age students because it helps to have enough people to help pay for everything. Our family rule is that you can go freshman and sophomore year with no date, but you can go with someone your junior and senior years. Beth went all four years. She was always excited for weeks before. Her senior year, she and her best friend, Alicia, planned and organized the prom, which means we had a major mess at our house for weeks and Mom had to go out and help buy the food and front money. We also spent the day of the prom getting the hall ready and Mark and I had to help chaperone.
Anyway, to put it mildly, prom was a big deal around here for four years.

Now I have a 15 year old son who is a freshman in high school.
For a long time, he couldn't decide if he wanted to go. He would have to wear his suit (horrors!).
Last week, he finally bought a ticket.
"I guess I'll go" he said one day last week. I reminded him that he had already bought a would be a shame to waste it.
The prom is this coming Saturday.
I reminded him of that fact today.
"Oh yeah." was his reply.

Somehow, it's not quite the same.

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Esther said...

LOL. That is wonderful that your homeschooling group does that. You must have many teens. We have three Catholic homeschooling support groups here but I not think we have enough teens to be able to hold a prom or graduation.