Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Radiation Over, Now Vacation

Mark and I are enjoying the beautiful beaches and weather of Hilton Head this week and I thought I would take a minute to update here. I am so grateful to have radiation finished and behind me. The hormonal treatment phase is next....the one I'm actually dreading the most because it's supposed to go on for five years and there's too many options and nasty side effects possible and I'm still not feeling peaceful about it. Perhaps I will when I start.
For all who are not my facebook friends, we were in a car accident in our church parking lot on the 4th of September. Sounds like not a big deal at first, but a 15 year old with just his temps and no parent in the car with him, was driving their van from the back parking lot to pick up his mom near the church and came around a building going the wrong way and plowed into the side of our van. He was going at least 30 mph, probably faster, and pushed our whole van over the curb and then farther into the grass.
Michael was reaching up to put his seat belt on and the jolts made him dislocate his shoulder and hit his head on the side window. Mark hit his knee on the steering column and is still sporting a bruise there and also has bruises from his seat belt. My seat belt was right over my incision from my surgery and I am now bruised and sore all over again. John alone was unscathed....yay!
My poor van was totaled by their insurance company though our insurance company thought it was fixable so we're getting it answer to prayer.

So Mark and I are enjoying a rental vehicle for our vacation and hoping that things will be calmer when we return home. 2011 has not been our best year for sure and part of me is wondering what else might happen this year but I know that it is all part of His glorious plan....nothing happens to us that He has not allowed. He will see us through.

A blessed day to all....

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