Saturday, August 2, 2008

An all-nighter....

We spent the whole day yesterday at the Bible Institute. It was a good but busy day there. It was Youth Day also so John spent his day there and Mark and I had lunch with a friend and then ended up taking out seven kids from Youth Day for dinner....that was fun!
After dinner, there was Mass (which was beautiful) and after Mass we went out for ice cream with Paul and Denise and their youngest son Mark. We arrived home about 11:30 to find that Michael was back home...yeah!!!! Normally, I would have missed him terribly all week but with being so busy, it had made it easier.
He was telling us all about his adventures, when the phone rang at 11:45. It was my dad saying that my mom was in terrible pain in her left leg. She couldn't bend it or walk and he was worried. I could tell that he was so upset, he couldn't decide what to do, so I told him we needed to take her to the hospital to get it checked. So Mark and I left to drive to their house (only three doors away) and meanwhile Dad had called an ambulance. She looked terrible....she was in so much pain that she was as pale as could be and I could tell she was fighting back tears.
We ended up being at the hospital all night....
They really couldn't figure out what was causing the pain. They did X-rays which showed that everything looked all right. The pain was originating in her knee which she had replaced nine years ago. They gave her a shot of morphine which didn't help at all. So after several hours, they gave her some other pain medication. This helped enough that she was able to walk with assistance, so they sent us home with a prescription and instructions to call her doctor on Monday morning. It was now 5 AM.
Getting her into the car seemed like torture, but we managed. When we arrived at their house, Mark drove the car into the yard to get as close to the front door as possible and he and my dad supported her all the way into the house. I could tell that the pain was still really bad, but she could at least move it now. After getting her situated in the house, they sent us home and we finally got to bed about 6 AM, the time we had originally planned on getting up this morning.
It's almost 11:30 and Mark is still sleeping and I've been awake about an hour.
I'm feeling so bad for my poor mom...she just seems to have one trial to bear after another these last three years. I hope that this some kind of arthritic flair up that will improve...the doctor seemed to think so, but I can't imagine it will happen too quickly, so I know that she is in for a rough week ahead and I know I will probably be kept busier too with helping her.
I'm going to call some of my siblings (none of them know anything about it) so that they can check in on them today. I would like to go up to the Bible Institute this afternoon for the closing sessions.

I hope all of you have a peaceful blessed weekend....

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