Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mother love

Last night there was a beautiful moon and as I was driving to pick up Michael from a friend's house, I was thinking of the newlyweds, Mike and Frances, who are on their honeymoon in Hawaii. I wondered if they were going to have a beautiful moonlit night there...
It made me think a bit about mother love. Mike's parents, Paul and Denise, are good friends of ours. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last month. Several years ago, Paul had started saving money so that they could go to Hawaii for their 25th. Denise has always wanted to go there, and they couldn't afford it back in the days of their honeymoon, so he wanted to do this for their 25th.
But then last year, Mike and Frances became engaged and the money put aside for the Hawaiian trip was sidetracked into paying for tuxes, and dresses, shower gifts, and a beautiful rehearsal dinner. Ironically, Mike and Frances chose to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon.
But Denise's mother love has made her happy for them....that they get to go on this wonderful trip. She was talking to me last night, wondering how they were doing...hoping that they were having a great time and she's looking forward to seeing all their pictures of the places she is longing to see herself.
Mother love is like makes us gladly sacrifice so that our children can be happy.
A little reflection of the love that our dear Blessed Mother feels for us...that our Heavenly Father showers upon us.

A blessed Thursday to all....

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