Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soccer weekend

I've been quiet on here the last few days because Mark and I went up to eastern Pennsylvania to watch Beth play in a soccer tournament. Our boys happily stayed with my brother, Bill, and his wife, Terri while we were away.
We had a wonderful time with beautiful weather but it went way too quickly!
Beth scored the only goal in her first game, which they won 1-0. She also scored their only goal in the second game which they lost 2-1.
Their second game was at Grove City College which is a small Christian college. Beth was really impressed with how the young ladies on this team conducted themselves. She said it made it a whole lot easier to lose to them! After the game, the other team came up to Beth's team and asked if they could all pray together. We watched from the stands as all the girls formed a circle and a young lady from Grove City led them in prayer...I loved it!
Beth was talking about all this as we were eating dinner together last night and she also told me that she always leads her team in a prayer before their games...something I was not aware of. We can always see them huddled together before, but I never knew that she led them in prayer. Did my mother's heart good!

During a break between games yesterday, I sat under a beautiful tree and said my rosary. It was such a beautiful day that it made it so easy to lift my thoughts heavenward.
God is good, indeed....always.

A blessed, peaceful Sunday to all.....

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jordin said...

Wow... it warmed my heart to hear, i can only imagine how you felt!