Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Snowday

Mark finally left for work only to find out that we're under a level 3 snow emergency. Since he's already there, we don't know what will happen now. Technically, he could get arrested driving home if the level 3 emergency is still on. Crazy enough, he had very little trouble driving in. It actually took him less time than usual because traffic was so light.
The snow has finally stopped and looks like a winter wonderland with the ice and snow. Staying in makes me realize how much my daily routine keeps me motivated and how much I rely on it. When I know that I'm not going to noon Mass it's so easy to goof off and not get much finished. Yesterday and today have really shown that to me...
I did get a lot of school finished yesterday but mostly late in the day. Having Mark home always makes me feel like it should be a day off for me too. He's supposed to be off tomorrow for my birthday, so I guess I better get in gear and get a lot accomplished today so that we can play tomorrow.. Hopefully, things will clear up enough so that we can go to noon Mass and out for dinner like we planned.

A blessed day to all....

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