Friday, January 9, 2009

Hopefully not a third time....

All day yesterday, I was looking forward to going to Adoration. I usually try to go on Thursday evenings but I haven't been able to these last three weeks. Three weeks ago was the night the kids gave us the tickets for the Nutcracker, so we went there of course. Two weeks ago was Christmas Day and no Adoration and last week was New Year's Day with no Adoration. So I was eagerly awaiting it yesterday.
We usually go to confession on the Thursday afternoon before First Friday, but since that was on New Year's Day last week, that didn't happen. So I thought that I would take the boys to confession last night at 7:30, take them back home and then go to the other church where Adoration is. Mark had a meeting to go to, so he wouldn't be able to go with us.
As it turned out, Michael started with one of his migraines in the late afternoon and didn't feel up to going to confession, so I figured that he could go with Mark next week and just John and I went. Making dinner took me longer than I expected, so John and I didn't get out of the house until 7:25 and the church is almost 15 minutes away. We arrived at 7:40 and there was someone in the confessional and another homeschooling family we know with 3 children ahead of us. The person in the confessional didn't come out until 8 and then we had to wait for the family ahead of us. We ended up being there until almost 8:30. I wasn't too concerned because Adoration goes until 10. So I took John home, collected my prayer books for Adoration, and happily left to go to the other church. I was feeling so wonderful.....I always feel such peace after confession and I had lots on my mind to pray about. I arrived at the church a few minutes before 9, just in time for the final prayers being said to end Adoration. I was majorly disappointed. The person who was running it was different from the usual person and I stayed as long as I could until he put everything away. I walked out with him and mentioned that I thought Adoration usually lasted until 10, and he said that he had been told to end it at 9, so there was the explanation but it didn't help me feel any less sad. I came home to everybody watching the football game and lots of noise and went up to my room to say my rosary. I was so disappointed by this point, that I first just had a good old cry.
I had another bad night of sleeping....lots of bad dreams which has been the norm lately. I laid awake for a while, and couldn't sleep. I got up while Mark was getting ready for work and decided to lay back down for a few minutes after he left. Unfortunately, I didn't wake up again until almost 10. Yikes! Sleeping late always makes for a bad morning. I took my shower and got the boys going and we arrived at noon Mass on time. Then I started feeling bad....some girl woes, to put it nicely. The pain was really bad, much worse than usual. Right before Communion, I started feeling like I was going to faint....everything started looking foggy, I felt hot, and the pain was making me feel nauseous too. Poor Michael could tell that something wasn't right. I sat down and a woman I know was sitting behind us. She came up to check on me, and I sent Michael and John up to Communion while she sat there with me. When they came back, the faintness was wearing off and all I wanted to do was go outside and get some fresh air. So I gathered my boys up and out we went. The air did help but I was still not feeling well so we left and I missed out on Communion. Another disappointment.
Poor Michael and John kept watching me with those sweet concerned looks on their faces all the way home. I went up to my room for a while and afterwards sat on the couch while they brought me some lunch. John got me something to drink and Michael made me a delicious omelet.I am feeling better now, thankfully.
So I'm hoping that Mark and I can go to Adoration tonight...I'm really hoping that it doesn't happen a third time.
I almost afraid to look forward to it.
EDIT: I just found out that we're not going to being able to have churchhome tomorrow and I was really looking forward to that too. We haven't had it in almost two months and I was really looking forward to the prayer time together. Things have been working against this group too lately.
Actually, I think it's old satan at work.....trying to discourage me. I must be doing something right..

A blessed Friday to all......

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