Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there....
All you biological mothers, adoptive mothers, birthmothers, and spiritual all play a role in God's great plan.
I can't help but think today about the two women who made me a mom.....the ones who gave life to me darlin' Beth, Michael, and John....may God always bless them abundantly! I am so grateful for this precious gift.

Do any of you have sleepwalking children? Our Beth started sleepwalking when she was around 13 years old. It would usually happen about an hour or so after she had gone to bed. I would find her in the shower at 1 in the morning or she would come downstairs and sit with us in the living room or kitchen. It was crazy! Once I was sitting in my bedroom reading late one night and she came in and sat down next to me and started talking in a nonsensical way to me.
She hadn't done it in a while but last night at 3:20 AM, our bedroom door flew open and she flipped on the light.
A startling way to wake up!
She stood in the doorway and said "My mom wants her song rub."
"My mom wants her song rub."
My first response was "Have you been drinking?"
"NO!" she exclaimed. "Mom wants her song rub."
"Do you mean me?" I asked.
"Yes, you want your song rub."
"Song rub?" Mark asked.
"S-o-n-g?" I inquired.
"Yes" she replied.
By now I'm starting to fully wake up. I asked Mark if he knew when she had gotten home.
"About two or so" was his reply.
"She's sleepwalking." I laughed.
"Go to bed, darlin'" I told her.
Obediently, she went off to bed and Mark and I started laughing hysterically.
It caused quite a bit of mirth this morning. She can vaguely remember trying to tell me something and couldn't quite get it out. She can't remember what she was dreaming about when she did it.
It is the strangest thing. My only worry with it is that someday she may hurt herself. I'm always afraid she will go out of the house or try to go out a window and her windows are three stories up. One night she moved the furniture in her room around. I have no clue how she managed that, but she did. It startled her quite a bit when she got up in the morning!

I want to know what in the world a song rub is.....

A blessed Pentecost Sunday to all.....


Ma Beck said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

My brother used to sleepwalk and once he walked into my room and said, "Vicky and Jon (my sis and BIL) - BOOM!" and walked out.

Man, did he used to freak me out when he did that.

Barb said...

hehe...that would freak me out too. It is strange when someone is're never quite sure what they'll do.