Friday, May 9, 2008

Sweet Baby Magic

I was reading on someone's blog about taking her baby to visit her grandmother in a nursing home and it reminded me of when we first brought Beth home. My grandmother had been in a nursing home for several years with Alzheimer's. My parents had taken care of her at home for several years, but it had gotten to the point where my grandmother didn't know any of us and she was becoming more and more bedridden and agitated, and my mother simply couldn't handle her alone physically through the day while my dad was at work.
By the time Beth was born, my grandmother hadn't spoken anything sensible to me in several years. It was such a heartbreak to see the grandma I loved in such a state. But I would still go visit occasionally and I decided to take Beth there, even though I knew she wouldn't know who we were.
I went into her room, and she was sleeping. I sat there next to the bed, waiting for her to wake up, holding little Beth and talking to her. It didn't take long...I suppose in her subconscious mind, she heard the sweet baby noises. Her eyes flew open and her face lit up when she saw Beth. "What a cutie!" she said and for just a moment, I saw my dear grandmother again as she had been. The look on her face, the way she said the words was the grandmother of my younger years and I thrilled to have her back for just those few seconds.
Just as quickly, they were over... I never heard her speak again. She died just a few months later, but it was such a joy to me to see her be herself just one more time.
Once again, a little one had worked that sweet magic only babies have.

A blessed day to all....

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Beth said...

It's true - all the people in the nursing home just light up when we walk in :)

I think Grandma gets a little jealous of everyone making such a fuss over her - all the people "claim" her as their great granddaughter, and Grandma keeps stepping in and saying "NO! She belongs to ME!" :)