Thursday, May 1, 2008

He Always Soothes My Heart

I love Adoration....
I had a stressful, busy day. I had been nervous about my doctor's appointment and what made it worse, when I did get there I had to wait for over a half hour. I was supposed to have the first appointment after lunch, but it seems they scheduled a woman for 1 PM to fit her in, and her husband at 1:45. My appointment was at 1:15, but they took both of them first and I didn't know the situation until later, and sitting there in that waiting room just made me more stressed out...I just wanted to get it over with!
So my blood pressure was still too high. It was lower than last week, and I had lost three pounds, but it's still too high. He talked me into taking medication and if I manage to lose weight and exercise more, and keep it down, we can try taking me off of it in six months. So now I definitely have motivation to lose weight and take better care of myself. I asked the dear Lord for motivation and He gave it to me..
After leaving there, I picked up me darlin' boys and we went to have lunch with Will. He was waiting to get his car serviced, so he had some time to spare. Best part of my day thus far.
After leaving there, we went to Confession, then to Wendy's to get my parents their Thursday Frosty. We stopped at their house for a few minutes and visited. They're always happy to see us.
We arrived home at the same time as me darlin' husband. He was having a meeting here tonight and the first floor was in a desperate need of being swept. So I worked on that and the boys straightened up the kitchen. We got carry-out for dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen.
By now it was time for Mark's meeting. I sent the boys outside for a while and I went upstairs. I was starting to feel exhausted. I had planned on going to Adoration but I was so tired I couldn't bear the thought of getting in the car and going anywhere. I flopped on my bed for a while but couldn't go to sleep. The thought of going to Adoration just kept pulling at me....
So I packed up my books and left. I told myself that if I got too sleepy, I could always leave early and come home.
The church was quiet and peaceful ....only two other people there.
I sat there and said my evening prayer and then started my rosary and the tiredness slipped away and His peace came flowing in.
It never fails to happen, it seems. Whenever I make an effort to go, He always repays me far more than I deserve.
I offered up my hour for someone dear to my heart who is going through a difficult time. I asked the dear Lord and His Blessed Mother to soothe and comfort their heart....
As they soothed and comforted mine....

A blessed peaceful night to all....may you be ever mindful of His glorious love....

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