Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Michael is 16...

Happy Birthday to my darlin' Michael!!!!!

Me darlin' Michael is 16 years old today.....where has the time gone? I remember so well the day we brought him home....we were in this room signing a zillion papers and they took Beth (then a sweet little 5 year old) off to the room where Michael was. She helped them change him into the clothes we had brought. I wanted so badly to go with her!

A few minutes later, she returned carrying Michael gingerly in her first glimpse of my baby son! Beth had this very serious look on her face that almost made me laugh.
He was so tiny....he had been born 3 weeks early and weighed only 6 lbs. when we brought him home. In these last two years, he has grown to be taller than his mama.

I fell in love instantly when I took him in my arms and looked at his sweet face....

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jordin said...

It's impossible not to fall in love with them!!! I didnt even see my daughter, but just the bundle, and i loved her.

Time goes by too quickly!!! May this year be one of marvelous blessings and growth for Michael!