Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Better today....

Today the irritable mood was gone but I was crying a lot instead. Another crazy occurrence when I don't even know why I'm crying. I hid it one time but two other times today me darlin' boys were subject to their mother being in tears. I've explained to them that this happens to me sometimes and I'm not sure why I'm crying and they've learned to accept that when I tell them.

Last night turned out better than I thought it would. Steve talked to me all the way downtown to pick up Mark, the most I think he's ever talked to me at one time before...hehe....
After picking up Mark, Steve ended up falling asleep (probably had something to do with our exciting conversation about the economy) and slept the rest of the way.
We got a quick dinner and went to Beth's game which was a good one. They played the team that is ranked 20th in the country and tied them, 0-0, in double overtime. The other team had 39 players and Beth's team only has 20 which makes a huge difference, especially in a game involving overtime. Beth ended up playing the entire 110 minutes, most of it in midfield, and for anyone who knows anything about soccer, playing a midfield wing requires a lot of running.
They were really happy to shut them out and hold them to a tie. It was exciting to watch.
We stopped and got Beth something to eat on the way home and didn't arrive back until almost midnight.
I was so glad that I had said my rosary in the car so that I could go off to bed.

I hope that all of you have had a blessed Tuesday....may you sleep peacefully in the knowledge of His love...

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