Monday, September 29, 2008

Just do it, Barb

I woke up in one of those moods today...I'm feeling really irritable.
Actually, it started last night.
I hate feeling this way.
I'm so behind on my blogging here and I want to update, but every time I start, I get overwhelmed with everything that's happened these last two weeks and I feel like I'll never catch up, so I guess I'll just start here.
The rest of it is just water under the bridge anyway.

We have been busy going to Beth's soccer games. It's her last year to play and we want to get to every game. She's been doing pretty well. Her team always seems to start slowly and then pick up steam. Last Tuesday she had a game against a local rival that they won 2-1 and she scored the winning goal. Saturday, she had a game in their conference and she also scored the winning goal for that game, plus an assist, so that was awesome.
Tonight she has a game about 70 miles away. The boys don't want to go, so Mark and I were going to go alone and leave a little early so that we could have dinner out by ourselves. We haven't had dinner alone in almost two months, so I was really looking forward to that. Last night, Beth asked if Steve could go with us, so dinner alone is not going to happen, unfortunately. That fueled my irritated feeling a bit.
Then I talked to someone dear to my heart last night and I must admit, I was feeling a bit irritated with them about something which I was trying to let go of, but being in this mood, I said something to them and so I was annoyed with myself. It's strange how I can be okay with something, but once the irritated mood starts, everything seems to irritate me. I hadn't planned on saying anything, but they said something that reminded me of it, and the words slipped out of my mouth without me even thinking about it.
Afterwards, I went to bed and couldn't sleep. I was awake a long time just thinking about things and so now I have a long day ahead of me on only four hours of sleep. That ought to help the mood!!! hehe...
I honestly think it's all fueled by the hormones. It's amazing the effect they can have on my moods.

I just tried to copy some pictures off the internet of the cabin we stayed in when we were in the Smokies, but it wouldn't work. Gee...I guess they don't want any free publicity...hehe...

I should get off here and start the rest of my day. Michael has co-op on Monday which requires going to early Mass. He's already up, but I need to get my Johnny up which is a bit more of a challenge sometimes.
Perhaps, I can sneak in a nap sometime late morning.....

A blessed Monday to you all....

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