Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Mama Bear Instincts

Just after I thought I had resolved the problems of last week, another problem has popped up. Something else to make me examine myself and how I react to things. This one is worse because it's not about me, it's about one of my babies! And that brings out all my mama bear instincts which sometimes causes me to speak before I think.
I haven't spoken yet but have been mulling over these things in my mind before I speak to the person who emailed me. I'm trying to vent my anger about the way she wrote me before I talk to her.
I'm actually thinking that I'm going to let Mark deal with this situation because I know he will handle it more calmly than I will.
But I must admit that part of me just wants to talk to this person and let my mama bear instincts go wild.
However, that would probably only make matters worse so I guess I'll just let Mark handle it. Poor Mark....

A blessed peaceful Sunday to all...and please say a prayer that we have one too!

Edit: Me darlin' husband handled it well. By the time he had called, I had calmed down about the whole thing, but decided to let him do it anyway.
All is well again....

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