Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Weekend

The last few days have been very busy....
Our Christmas Day went very well. We actually had sunshine for a change...a beautiful day. My parents were healthy and we were able to spend Christmas dinner together at my sister's home.
Friday we spent a bit of time cleaning up our house after the mess and I made a huge batch of barbecue for dinner today. We had Community Mass in the evening and then went to friends' home afterwards for some Christmas cookies and a lot of fun conversation.
Saturday found me up early to morning Mass. I came home to Michael making marvelous omelets...they were wonderful! I told him he can make me an omelet any time his little heart desires. I spent the afternoon with grocery shopping and getting ready for today's dinner. Last night found us at a local pub listening to Will's Irish band.
Today was 11AM Mass and lunch out afterwards. I had invited Will's band to our house for dinner so they arrived around 5. They decided to turn it into a recording session using our piano. So all evening they have been singing and playing Christmas carols. Many beautifully done....
The only problem is that it is now almost midnight and my dear husband has to get up at 5:45 to go to work. I really didn't expect them to go this late and I'm hoping he can sleep. He put in the earplugs he uses when he goes shooting and hopefully he will be able to drift off. If he can't sleep, I guess I'll just have to kick them out...hehe....

I hope all of you have had a blessed Christmas weekend....may you sleep tonight in the comfort of His gift of love..

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