Friday, March 6, 2009

Call to Prayer

Have you ever had an overwhelming urge to pray for someone?
It's happened to me twice this past week and both times when I didn't expect it.
Last Saturday, Will was in Washington DC with friends. Mark and I were at a meeting Saturday evening for our ministry leaders when I suddenly knew I needed to pray for Will. I started saying little prayers to myself and still listen to the meeting. After the meeting, we went to Paul and Denise's house and several times there, I knew I should pray again. When we arrived home shortly after midnight, I knew I needed to pray some more so Mark and I said a rosary together for him. I knew it was for some type of protection for him. Sounds crazy, I know.
Last night Beth went out with some friends rather late. In the last year or so I've grown used to this and can even go to bed while she's still out. Sometimes, I even sleep through the noise she makes coming home.
But last night was different. I was uncomfortable about her going from the moment she left. I started praying and asked Mark to pray for her too though the poor man was already in bed.
I couldn't go to sleep. I stayed up until after 1 AM, surfing the net and saying prayers. I finally was so tired that I went to bed about 1:30 and asked the dear Lord to wake me up when she came home so that I would know she was safe (or if she needed more prayers).
I woke up at 2:28 with a bad dream, and not even two minutes later, I heard her coming in the front door. What a relief! She told me that everything was fine. I can't help but think that maybe my prayers had something to do with everything being fine!
Sometimes, adult children can keep you up at nights even more than babies....

Hope you're all having a blessed Lenten Friday....

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jamie said...

Oh Barb, I just got a tiny taste of this myself. I let the two oldest (2nd and 3rd grader) walk two blocks to the nearest pop machine in town the other evening. (We don't usually have pop in the house, and one had a special party in school and was to bring a special drink) Anyhow, they were gone all of 15 minutes, and I prayed constantly. I was consumed with anxiety and found myself out on the sidewalk several times to see if I could see them coming down the street. I sware, it was a mini training exercise from the Lord for when I have 10 teenagers in the house. I'm not sure how I'll survive it. Thank goodness for the power in prayer!

God Bless you!