Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Singing practice

We had our practice for Sunday's Mass this evening and it went pretty well. We just have to keep my brother Bill from making us laugh all through Mass on Sunday. He had us in stitches whenever we took a breather tonight.
He'll behave on Sunday, though. We actually sounded pretty good considering we haven't really sung together in over 30 years. We grew up mother was always singing and all five of us could sing too. We would sing while we were doing the dishes and other chores. There was always music in our house growing up...
Greg, our music director, is having us do a little harmonizing on two of the songs that we'll be singing during Communion and our spouses told us that we did a good job so we'll see what Sunday brings.
Afterwards, we went out to dinner together which is something we haven't done in a long made for a very pleasant evening.
Off now to say my evening prayers and rosary.....may our dear Lord bless your evening with His peace....

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