Saturday, October 11, 2008

A beautiful fall day

What a beautiful day it was here!!!
Mark and I got up early to drive to Beth's soccer game in Anderson, IN. It was a perfect day to go....the trees are beginning to change color and the sky was that gorgeous blue that October brings.
Beth's team won their game 7-0. She scored the seventh was a very frustrating game for her. She was fouled many times, pulled down by her shorts and shirt, kicked in the face, and got a split lip. Crazy....and not one foul was called. She was so happy to get that goal....
Usually her coach doesn't let them run up the score that high, but she was annoyed by how nasty the other team was playing and the fact that the refs were letting them get away with it.
Mark and I went out to dinner alone tonight....the first time we'd done that in several months. The boys were out all day to a corn maze and park with Mark's sister and her husband.

My mom did come home from the hospital. They still don't know what's wrong with her, but she feels a bit better. She still has the headache, but it's not quite as bad. None of the pain medication they've tried seems to help. I think she's resigning herself to living with it.
I ran a bunch of errands yesterday that I had been wanting to do all week, went to Adoration, and made dinner for my parents (and us), and did a ton of laundry.
Hopefully, next week, I can get back in gear with my schoolwork with John....we only did the bare essentials this past week.

A blessed, peaceful Sunday to you all.....

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