Friday, October 24, 2008

Dreary Friday

I'm in a contemplative mood today...
It's dreary and of those days where the temperatures become colder instead of warmer.
I was up early taking my mom to the hospital for some blood tests and now even though it's only midday, I'm ready for a nap. I think I'll curl up on the bed for a while and take one, then proceed with school for the day. I need to finish up with Michael today because we will be gone all day tomorrow for Beth's soccer game up near Toledo.

I find myself thinking about life so much lately. I keep reading everything about the election and I keep praying that our dear Lord will have mercy on our country....that He will not permit the progress that's been made in the prolife movement these last years to be swept away. The possibilities of what's ahead are daunting when I think of them.
But I keep remembering that He's in's all in His hands....and so I pray.

Last night Mark and I heard some of our neighbors fighting....a rarity here in our normally peaceful neighborhood. The couple sounded as if they had both been drinking and they were standing outside screaming at each other. They are new to the neighborhood and keep to themselves. I know they have young children and I found myself wondering if they were awake and listening. The woman kept screaming "I hate you!" to him and he just kept mumbling back to her. Lots of profanities started pouring out and finally he went back into the house.
She stood outside crying and then started taking a brick and throwing it at his car, hitting the sides. It seemed she was taking out all her frustrations throwing that brick....
Finally her sobs grew quieter and she went back into the house and turned out the lights.
I felt so bad for her.
Today the house seems quiet....the cars in the driveway are gone...and I wonder how they're all feeling.

Off to my nap....a peaceful, blessed Friday to all....

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