Saturday, October 25, 2008

Novenas for the election

Tomorrow I will be joining a group of people who will be saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday until election...that the dear Lord will have mercy on our country and give us the president we need.
Then Monday I will be starting the rosary novena to Our Lady of Victory that Fr. John Corapi has recommended that we do also for the election.

I feel our country is at a crossroads. So much is at stake and so many lives hang in the balance. Innocent human lives.


Beth said...

I just read a few posts back that you went to Anderson, IN - that is really really close to us!

jamie said...

I will be lifting prayers along with you. I'm also planning to do the novena suggested by Father Corapi. Hoping to get the kiddos involved. Strength in numbers!
God Bless.