Sunday, October 19, 2008

A welcome, peaceful Sunday....

It's another beautiful fall day here and we're enjoying a quiet Sunday.
The past week has been another crazy one as my lack of blogging shows. Tuesday we went to Beth's soccer game that was 70 miles away and that took up the afternoon and evening. They won 3-0 and Beth scored the third goal. John went with us and I did school with him in the car.
Wednesday, I had to take my mom to the hospital for tests, followed by Mass, some schoolwork, laundry. Then for the evening, Will's Irish band was in town so we went to hear them play. That included the exciting announcement that Will's sister, Liz, is engaged to be married. So hopefully, we will have another wedding to go to next summer.
Thursday was it's normal craziness plus I went to a jewelry party hosted by my sister-in-law. I ended my day by going to Adoration for some late evening prayer....always a blessing.
Friday was spent doing my normal Friday things plus getting the boys' haircuts, doing a mailing for our ministry, and going to Adoration with Mark in the evening.
Saturday was nonstop rushing. We attended a funeral Mass in the morning for the mother of a friend. She was the mother of 11, including having a son who was a priest. He, unfortunately, had died 7 years ago of cancer, but we were graced with the presence of a dozen priests concelebrating. It was a beautiful Mass...
We rushed from Mass to go to Beth's soccer game which was also Senior Day. Unfortunately, Beth did not feel well at all and so some of the joy was taken from the day for her. She played the entire game but I don't know how she managed. They won 1-0, but the whole team did not play their best. At halftime, the seniors were honored and Mark and I walked out on the field with her. They read out all of her accomplishments playing soccer these last four years, including her GPA of 3.8, the highest on her team. Her teammates gave her gifts and Mark and I brought her red roses. My sister, Paulette, attended, along with my brother, Bill, and his wife, and my brother, Chuck, and his wife, Kathy, (who is Mark's sister) and Mark's sister, Terri, and her husband. So she had a big cheering section and I would have enjoyed it so much more if only me darlin' daughter had been feeling better.
After the game we went home and I made a quick dinner since we hadn't eaten all day. After dinner, we took Michael to a party and then Mark, John, and I went to a fundraiser for some friends of ours. After we left our party, we went to pick up Michael at his party and arrived home about 12:30 AM....I was exhausted!
Today has been blessed with simply going to morning Mass and spending a peaceful afternoon at home.
I have a big pot of chicken noodle soup on the stove, simmering away, and it smells heavenly....

Tomorrow will be another busy Monday with Tuesday being another soccer day. Beth's game is 150 miles away, so the afternoon and evening will spent going there. Once again, John and I will doing school in the car. In the last 5 weeks, we have put over 3000 miles on my van...something which usually takes about 4 you can see that we've been doing a lot of soccer game driving. We're so thankful that gasoline prices have gone down these last two's really helped the budget!

A blessed, peaceful week to you all....may you be strengthened in the knowledge of His love....

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