Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today when I tried to talk to the person mentioned in my last post, I said that they were hurting my feelings, and their answer was "I can't help how you feel."
Wow....that just felt like another stab in my heart.
I don't think they meant it exactly as it sounded, but it sure didn't feel good to me.

A beautiful day here...the sky is bright blue and the air is so fall-like. I'm trying to enjoy it because the next three days are supposed to bring gray skies and rain.
The trees this year are definitely not the beautiful fall colors we're used to.
I have to be content with the beautiful days instead. I can't believe that tomorrow is only a week until Halloween. The month is flying quickly....
I'm off to take a walk with my darlin' husband...then return for a simple dinner, some schoolwork with the boys, and going to Adoration for one of the best hours of my week.

A blessed evening to all.....

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