Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I joined Facebook several months back and today has brought some happy memories back to me. I had found a Facebook group for the alumni of the school where I taught and I recognized one of my former students and sent her a message. She messaged me back tonight and it was so good to hear from her. I always find myself wondering what happened to all of them...they were all so special to me. The school had very small classes and I taught the only 6th grade and changed classes with the 7th and 8th grade, so I had some of the same students for 3 years. Some of them came from such sad family lives and I was always wishing I could take a few of them home with me. Those were the years I was struggling with my infertility and I was always wanting to mother some of those poor kids who needed it.
So I am glad to make contact and maybe I will find a few more on there too...

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Beth said...

Feel free to add me! You know my first and last name right? And my profile pic is the u/s.