Sunday, February 22, 2009

Writer's block

There are so many things I should be writing. I have at least three emails I should be answering and another that our dear Lord is putting on my heart, but I keep hesitating to write them. I have posts that I have been pondering and thoughts going through my head, but I have felt too weary to put them down here.
Perhaps when the time is right, the words will flow.
I have been seeing lately that my dear husband is becoming more wise. Sometimes the words just flow out of him that I know must be the Holy Spirit at work. Some of these words have been comforting; some have been convicting. Last night he said words that were convicting to a group of our dear friends that were greeted with various reactions.
Last week, he spoke words of comfort to me concerning someone dear to my heart who has been pushing me away lately. He pointed out to me the reason why this is probably happening and it was such a comfort to know that it is because I have been doing something right, not wrong.

We have been working on praying together more, always something that the evil one works against because it has such power. It is such a comfort.

On a lighter note, the shower went well, though I was exhausted when it ended. I realized that I had not sat down the whole afternoon except for one brief respite. My kitchen is still not completely back to order but I have been working on it in bits and pieces. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest after all....
I hope and pray that all of you have had the peace and joy of His love this blessed day...

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